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Kazuya “Dickey” Fukuda As “Busy-D”

Producer, Song Writer, Guitarist, Radio DJ

Born in Kanagawa, Japan


At the age of 16, Kazuya started playing guitar with some local bands in his hometown area of Japan. 

At the age of 18, he traveled across the USA which he considers pivotal in his musical development; opening his eyes to a new world of music and expanding his musical experience.  It was during this time he assumed the nickname of Dickey. Later on in life his friends and fellow musicians could see how busy and fast paced Dickey was, so they started calling him Busy-D. 


During Dickey's time in America he had the opportunity to jam with artists from varied musical styles and backgrounds covering genres from classic rock and country to R&B funk and soul music; a musical foundation from which he still draws from. 


He is currently a music producer for many Japanese artists, some of which are well established names in Japan as well as up and coming new artists. His role as producer covers the end to end oversight of the music creation and recording process.  

These responsibilities include: songwriting, arrangement, recording, audio production as well as artist management and he often offers career advice and direction to those he is working with.

He can be heard on the weekly radio show called Break it Down which airs on FM Yokohama every Sunday 22:30~23:00

"BREAK IT DOWN" is a show that discusses various popular music topics and introduces new music and artists in Japan.

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